I hope you will browse around my little online bath and body shop and see something you like, maybe as a treat for yourself, or for a special somebody else. I have been soaping for about a year, and I have some lovely friends and family who persuaded me to sell. I hope you will enjoy my products as much as I love making them. I think we should all take time to pamper ourselves, and good wash or a bath is one way of doing this. I so enjoy thinking of ways to make the bathing experience relaxing and pleasurable. If there is one thing I've discovered since I started making and giving soap, it's how delighted people are to get it. There are really few occasions it's not appropriate to give soap as a gift for; I have presented it to a bereaved friend, and for welcoming babies. As well, what might not be quite as well understood is this: Men. Love. Soap. They really do and that includes my truck-driving Aussie bloke husband. Kids go nuts for soap too. I've been delighted by the enthusiasm of my own kids and my grandchildren for soap. There is bound to be something here for ladies, gents and kiddies of all ages.

Also, I take delight in not pricing too highly as I would like many people to feel that some bath-pretties are within their means.
Therefore you'll find nothing over $5.


This is a GLBTQ-friendly store
Special acknowledgement must go to my talented daughter in law, Tam, who runs Little Plum Photography and took the lovely pictures of things I have made that you will see gracing some of the pages on this site.

I must also thank my friend Meredith Jade Keeton, Mouse Pants artist, for helping me put policies together.

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